About Us

About Us

Twin Lakes Pools came about in 1974, when Earl Snapp started a one-man single truck, pool-cleaning business with the help of a small loan from his mother.

Earl spent many a day cold and wet and other days wondering whether he might just pass out from the heat. He often worked from sunrise to sunset in the field, then returned at night to complete paperwork. After experiencing the hard work by himself for a few years Earl decided he wanted Twin Lakes Pools to grow into a bigger company.

In 1978 he opened a small retail store, along with the ever-growing pool cleaning business, in Cooper City. As the years progressed so did Twin Lakes Pools. The company started out-growing their small facility, so Earl decided to relocate next door to accommodate and expand the business.

Now over 35 years later, a one-man pool cleaning business has flourished into a multi-department company – still run by Earl Snapp – with great people and great customers. Along with a retail store, Twin Lakes Pool & BBQ has a repair department, weekly pool maintenance department, and new pool construction/renovation department.


Sam has been with Twin Lakes Pools since June of 2008. Sam started in the pool industry in 1991 and still going strong. His favorite thing to accomplish in the swimming pool business is turning a green pool in to a healthy pool and to provide customer service with a smile.


Rich has been with Twin Lakes Pools since 1991 but in the swimming pool industry since 1975. Rich is full of laughter and jokes and makes the experience of coming in with a promblem pool a breezy. A fun filled atmosphere is what we offer and Rich offers that with a smile and is also Twin Lakes Pools ” Go To Guys ” for all the knowledge and experience. What gives Rich satisfaction out of going to work everyday is being able to help customer with there problem pools.